5 Tips To Save Money This Fall And Winter

It’s the perfect time to start considering your end of the year money strategy. With the upcoming fall and winter holidays quickly approaching you’ll need all the money saving tips to keep all the coin you can get. Luckily, we have already developed some clever tactics on how to utilize your money to the greatest extent and up your savings game in a big way. Continue reading to see the tips that will change the way you save!

Money Saving Tip 1: Incorporate Holidays Into Your Budget

The season of giving means spending. It’s no secret that traveling expenses are through the roof when it comes to year-end holiday celebrations. Additionally, it can be extremely easy to overspend on gifts for your loved ones and decorations to fill your house with cheer. However, it’s also important to fill your wallet with cheer. Avoid overspending this season by making a budgeting plan ahead of time that you can stick to. Start by figuring out how much you can comfortably spend and go from there. This is a perfect way to avoid spending regret after the holidays wrap up. 

Money Saving Tip 2: Increase That 401(k)

It’s never too early to think about your retirement plans, so what could go wrong with increasing your retirement deductions by 1% now? If your budget can handle it, this can be an extremely lucrative way to prepare for your future. The more you can save right now means all the more tax benefits you’ll get. With such an easy solution you can start to live in the present and stop worrying so much about the future of your financial stability once and for all. 

Money Saving Tip 3: Spend Your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Dollars

Don’t be scared to spend some of those FSA dollars. You’ve already done all of the work to save this money, so you shouldn’t lose it. Check your FSA documentation to see what health-related expenses qualify for coverage so you can finally put those dollars to use, you won’t regret it!

Money Saving Tip 4: Use Those Vacation Days

Take a vacation, you earned it! It’s important to take a break and avoid wasting the vacation days you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. This can be an especially beneficial tip to consider for those of you whose paid time off doesn’t roll over to the next year. In fact, if you start planning now you can still have an exceptional and affordable getaway to the destination of your choosing by the end of the year without the headache of last minute travel. Of course if you don’t wish to go far from home you can always use your vacation days on a staycation, which can be extremely budget friendly and equally relaxing. Mapping out your vacation days is both an effective method for staying on budget and a fun experience for you. Plan ahead so you don’t have to worry about last minute travel expenses during the holidays or missing out on everlasting memories!

Money Saving Tip 5: Clean Out Your Closet

If you constantly feel like you have nothing to wear then this is the tip for you! You’ve heard of spring cleaning but you might not have previously considered that it is just as important to clean out your winter wardrobe before temperatures drop. Don’t start buying new clothes just yet, instead you should start by pulling out your cold-weather clothes and giving them a good inspection. Try them all on to make sure they still fit to your liking. You should then sort your clothes into piles: what to keep and what to get rid of. Take the pile you want to get rid of to a donation center. You’ll now have more closet space to see all of the clothes you love and you’ll be less likely to feel as if you don’t have anything to wear. Additionally, you’ll now know what exactly you’ll need to buy for the winter this year, if anything. 

True Sky Credit Union Knows How Hard It Can Be To Save Money During Expensive Seasons

We encourage you to take control of your year-end plan now, before it’s too late! Right now is the perfect time to strategize your budget to meet the needs of end of the year expenses like the holidays. By planning now you’re already starting the next year on the right foot! If this all seems overwhelming, don’t worry because True Sky Credit Union will be here to help you along the way. Visit our website to check out our rates, credit builder program, auto loans, personal loans, and any other resources that will be beneficial to you. We have several locations with employees who specialize in all things money management. Please give us a call, make an appointment online, or come see us in person for help with your year-end plans. 



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