Savvy Money

Ongoing Credit Score, Report, and Monitoring from True Sky Credit Union powered by Savvy Money.

Master your credit standing, gain knowledge on credit practices, and see up-to-date credit information for FREE!

Tracking your credit score is easier than ever—it can now be displayed on your online banking dashboard or mobile banking app

With SavvyMoney, you are able to project how changes to your financial situation will affect your overall score. From taking out new credit to paying down existing loans, the simulator will instantly show you how your score will be affected before you actually take any action. Plus, you can:

  • Set goals. Set short- and long-term goals like planning for a vacation or buying a home.
  • Prioritize debt repayment. Determine how to make the biggest impact on your debt repayment plans.
  • Get tips on rebuilding credit and saving money. View customized suggestions for credit maintenance and savings growth.
  • Monitor your accounts to prevent identity theft. SavvyMoney empowers users to keep track of their accounts and identify unusual activity. Errors can be directly disputed.
  • Find products tailored to you. Review credit offers that you are eligible for and compare which offers are best suited for your individual needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Tools offered by True Sky Credit Union include:

  • A free credit score every month
  • Personalized analysis of each component of your score
  • Clear, simple explanations of factors impacting your score

True Sky Credit Union’s Credit Score Tools use industry-standard security practices to protect your data.

True Sky Credit Union Credit Tools are the best credit score information service out there if you’re looking to crack the code of credit ratings or learn how the information on your credit reports translates into a score. True Sky Credit Union Credit Tools will help you cut through the clutter of opinions and sales pitches to get to the facts of how you can use your credit to accomplish your life goals.

Utilizing the services or products offered by True Sky Credit Union will never directly impact your credit score. When True Sky Credit Union accesses your credit file information, it results in a “soft inquiry” that doesn’t alter your score in any way.