Please be aware that True Sky Federal Credit Union will never call, text, or contact you through social media and request your personal information.



What is the purpose of the Arbitration Agreement?2023-04-25T08:46:42-05:00

An arbitration agreement makes the dispute process much faster and more affordable for our members. It also allows for a neutral third party to be present, the arbitrator, and they will assist in deciding the case. This is an optional agreement, and you may opt out by signing the form provided and returning it to your local branch.

What official documents will I receive?2023-04-04T14:09:38-05:00
Where are the other True Sky branches located?2023-04-04T08:43:14-05:00

Western Branch – 10201 South Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139
Capitol Hill Branch – 3805 South Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73109
Edmond Branch – 2350 West Danforth Rd., Edmond, OK 73012
2nd Street Branch – 1127 2nd St., Edmond, OK 73034
Moore Branch – 630 SW 4th Street, Moore, OK 73160
Mustang Branch – 361 E. HWY 152, Mustang, OK 73064
Norman- Lindsey Branch – 1212 West Lindsey St., Norman, OK 73069
Norman- Tecumseh Branch – 3301 West Tecumseh Rd., Norman, OK 73072
Northeast Branch – 5029 N. Martin Luther King Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73111
Northwest Branch – 8230 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City, OK 73162
Yukon Branch – 1301 S. Ranchwood Blvd., Yukon, OK 73099
Midwest City Branch – 7607 E Reno Ave, Midwest City, OK 73110

If I have a mortgage with COFCU, how do I set up an automatic payment?2023-04-04T08:41:27-05:00

You will receive additional communication providing instructions on how to set up your mortgage ACH payments from TruHome Solutions. TruHome Solutions is a mortgage servicing company that assists True Sky with our home loans.

If I have a loan with COFCU, will I receive a new loan number?2023-04-04T08:40:18-05:00

Yes, you will have a new loan number that appears on your next billing statement.

Will I have access to my prior account history?2023-04-04T08:39:27-05:00

You can access prior COFCU account information until May 16th through COFCU’s online banking. We highly suggest printing/downloading all e-statements from your COFCU online banking application before May 16th. Starting May 16th, your account history will be accessible through True Sky’s online banking.

Will third-party applications (Cash App, PayPal, Venmo, etc.) linked to my COFCU account still be valid?2023-04-04T08:38:27-05:00

No, you will need to enter your True Sky account information.

Currently, I have a direct deposit and/or auto debit set up on my account. Will I need to set it up again?2023-04-04T08:37:36-05:00

Yes, you will need to set up your direct deposit with your new True Sky account and routing number. True Sky’s routing number is 303085227. We highly encourage you to start this process as soon as possible to avoid any disruptions. For assistance with this process, please get in touch with your local branch staff or give us a call at 1-800-448-1990.

Will I be getting a new debit card?2023-04-04T08:36:28-05:00

Yes, you will be getting a new debit card in the mail. If you do not receive one by May 16th, please call us at 1-800-448-1990.

When will I access my True Sky online or mobile banking?2023-04-04T08:34:57-05:00

You will be able to access your True Sky account information through online and mobile banking starting on May 16th. You can register by visiting and selecting “Login,” “Register,” and following the screen prompts. You will need your new True Sky account number to complete your registration. For additional guidance on navigating online or mobile banking, please view our video tutorials .

I have checks for my COFCU account. Will I receive new checks?2023-04-25T08:45:48-05:00

Yes, you will be receiving new checks. Please remember that as of May 9, 2023, if you have not already moved your funds to your True Sky account, you should stop writing checks from your Central Oklahoma Federal Credit Union checking account; this is to allow time for your outstanding checks to clear. Please make plans and accommodations accordingly. If you are still waiting to receive your True Sky checks by May 16th, please call us at 1-800-448-1990!

Will I still be able to call my local branch?2023-04-04T08:32:13-05:00

Yes, you can continue contacting your local and other branches. They will continue to help you with all your needs.

How does this merger benefit me?2023-04-04T08:31:22-05:00