Tarjetas comunitarias

Showing True Love To Members And Their Favorite Organizations!

Join the Program As An Organization

Sign up your school, church or nonprofit for a “Community” debit card and receive a quarterly donation for your organization.
With no cost to your organization, the True Sky Credit Union Community Card program is designed to help give back to the community through local schools and churches.

Únase al programa para mostrar su amor por su favorito …

School cards are more popular than ever and allow users to show their pride and love for their school while also providing a unique opportunity for True Sky Credit Union to give money to your school.

Church & Nonprofit Organizations
We will work with churches and nonprofits to create a unique design that will be popular with your membership and community.

How it Works
With each swipe of the Community Card, your school, church, or nonprofit receives a donation. It’s as simple as that. Donations are paid on a quarterly basis.

To request your Community Card or for more information on how your organization can join, call (405) 682-1990, visit your local branch or fill out the form below.