How can I submit my insurance information?

To submit your insurance information, enter your reference number and PIN shown in the notice you received  Online at the My Loan Insurance portal for True Sky. Or, call 877-633-1614 [...]

How can I submit my insurance information?2022-08-12T10:04:47-05:00

How can I make my loan payment?

You can pay online with a debit or credit card for a $10.00 fee.  (we cannot accept Visa Credit card payments). This online payment service excludes mortgage payments. Or, you can [...]

How can I make my loan payment?2022-10-13T08:08:53-05:00

How can I obtain my account number?

Log in to online banking and go to Statements/Alerts. On the left-hand side, you will click E-Statements and the download button. Your account number will be in the upper right-hand [...]

How can I obtain my account number?2022-08-12T10:06:34-05:00

How do I transfer money?

There are several ways you can move money in or out of your account. Enroll in online banking for access to external transfers, bill pay, mobile deposit, and more. Plus, [...]

How do I transfer money?2022-08-12T10:08:34-05:00

What if I move to another state?

Once a member, always a member. We have members who live around the world and still bank with us. With mobile access, you can do your banking anywhere you have [...]

What if I move to another state?2022-08-12T10:09:07-05:00

What if my credit is bad?

True Sky Credit Union regularly helps people improve their credit. You can enroll in True Sky Credit Union's free credit monitoring software powered by SavvyMoney® to be educated on credit [...]

What if my credit is bad?2022-08-12T10:10:07-05:00
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